Who's In Charge?

The consequences of this question came into clear focus recently when I was invited to babysit my grandchildren while their parents were out of town. I confess to being a doting grandmother (a.k.a. Mimi) with a noodle spine and jumped at the chance to spend a week with these two boys, ages 5 and 2. Being three years apart gives the older one a sense of authority and he is very protective of his little brother. Of course the usual sibling rivalries exist, but the biggest problem is keeping little Carl from destroying big brother Paul’s Lego creations. Paul is a bit of a Lego genius, and we’re all very proud of his inventions. As luck would have it, one night Carl was allowed possession of

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Fran Di Giacomo

Striving to establish her career in oil painting, Fran Di Giacomo found herself most excited by the methods and concepts of the Dutch masters.  “I focused on seeking out living masters to study with.  Perfecting the drama of light, shadow, and mystery has been a constant theme.  Fad and fashion will ebb and flow, but classical realism is endless and enduring.”  Her paintings are represented by galleries in several states, and are in demand for their lush colors and dramatic lighting.


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